Maxillaria Ruiz & Pav.

First published in Fl. Peruv. Prodr.: 116 (1794)
This genus is accepted
The native range of this genus is Tropical & Subtropical America.


Native to:

Argentina Northeast, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil North, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Central American Pac, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Florida, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Leeward Is., Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Northwest, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Trinidad-Tobago, Venezuela, Venezuelan Antilles, Windward Is.


Heterotypic Synonyms

Accepted Species


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Chase, M.W., Cameron, K.M., Freudenstein, J.V., Pridgeon, A.M., Salazar, G., van den Berg, C. & Schuiteman, A. (2015). An updated classification of Orchidaceae. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 117: 151-174.
  • Christenson, E.A., Harding, P.A., McIllmurray, M. & Blanco, M. (2013). Maxillaria An Unfinished Monograph 1-2: 1-936. Patricia Ann Harding for Robert Christenson, Lebanon, OR.
  • Govaerts, R. (2003). World Checklist of Monocotyledons Database in ACCESS: 1-71827. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Pridgeon, A.M., Cribb, P.J., Chase, M.C. & Rasmussen, F.N. (2009). Epidendroideae (Part two). Genera Orchidacearum 5: 1-585. Oxford University Press, New York, Oxford.

Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Nov 1, 2012 s.coll. [s.n.] K000886571 Yes
Feb 28, 2011 Sparre, B. [16943] Ecuador K000718165 Yes
Mar 1, 2009 Redden, K.M., et al. [2396] Guyana K000718121 No
Sep 15, 2006 s.coll. [s.n.] Brazil K000940874 Yes
Sep 15, 2006 s.coll. [2] Brazil K000940872 Yes
Sep 15, 2006 s.coll. [s.n.] Brazil K000940873 Yes
Sep 14, 2006 Dusén, P. [15229] Brazil K000940866 Yes
Mar 3, 2006 Reitz; Klein [10202] Brazil K000879618 Yes
Mar 3, 2006 Pabst, G. [321] Brazil K000879620 Yes
Mar 3, 2006 Leinig, M. [409] Brazil K000879621 Yes
Mar 3, 2006 Hatschbach, G.G. [22377] Brazil K000879622 Yes
Mar 3, 2006 Hatschbach, G.G. [12026] Brazil K000879619 Yes
Dec 1, 2005 K:SPC-74291.000 No
Jun 1, 2000 K:SPC-13933.000 Lectotype No
Jan 1, 1999 Ganev, W. [3067] Brazil K000293817 Yes
Jan 1, 1999 Ganev, W. [3066] Brazil K000293816 Yes
Sep 1, 1993 Spruce, R. [5896] Ecuador K000201850 Type Yes
Sep 1, 1993 Spruce, R. [5896] Ecuador K000201849 Type Yes
Jan 1, 1973 Hatschbach, G.G.; Ahumada, L.Z. [31363] Brazil K000879616 Yes
Jan 1, 1967 Prance, G.T.; Pennington, T.D.; Silva, N.T. [1532] Brazil K000940900 Yes
Jan 1, 1960 Reitz; Klein [7057] Brazil K000886560 Yes
Dec 1, 1889 s.coll. [s.n.] K000886564 Yes
Nov 8, 1889 s.coll. [s.n.] K000886563 Yes
Guyana K:SPC-06214.000 No
Venezuela K:SPC-28341.000 No
K:SPC-23993.000 No
K:SPC-06211.000 No
Burchell [1394] Brazil K000940908 Yes
Mason, L.M. [2059] Costa Rica K:SPC-30672.000 No
K:SPC-13270.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K:SPC-78477.000 No
Venezuela K:SPC-23045.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886101 Yes
Mason, L.M. K:SPC-37481.000 No
Venezuela K:SPC-00623.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-08364.000 No
Lehmann [252] K000078949 Yes
Trinidad and Tobago K:SPC-37500.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2410] Colombia K:SPC-32975.000 No
Colombia K:SPC-26873.000 No
K:SPC-74552.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886098 Yes
Mason, L.M. [1936] Peru K:SPC-29233.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2631] Costa Rica K:SPC-13903.018 No
Mason, L.M. [1879] Peru K:SPC-29237.000 No
K:SPC-13276.000 No
Taylor, P. [130] Ecuador K:SPC-37860.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-08337.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [84150] Costa Rica K:SPC-75450.000 No
K:SPC-26031.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886096 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886589 Yes
Colombia K:SPC-64766.000 No
Dunsterville, G.C.K. [379] Venezuela K:SPC-36168.000 No
K:SPC-08361.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886566 Yes
Hamilton, A.C.; Halligan, P.M. [1287] Peru K:SPC-28298.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13277.000 No
K:SPC-74143.000 No
Lehmann [6900] Ecuador K000078937 Yes
Pabst, G. [328] Brazil K000886559 Yes
K:SPC-32346.000 No
K:SPC-26504.000 No
K:SPC-73373.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2042] Costa Rica K:SPC-30365.000 No
Lankester, C.H. Costa Rica K:SPC-13947.000 No
K:SPC-06880.000 No
s.coll. [4] Brazil K000940907 Yes
Mason, L.M. [2707] K:SPC-33200.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13272.000 No
Mason, L.M. [1731] Peru K:SPC-28527.000 No
K:SPC-23054.000 No
Hajek, F. [48] Peru K:SPC-60180.000 No
K:SPC-13267.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13950.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886103 Yes
Mason, L.M. [2764] Peru K:SPC-27461.018 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886116 Yes
Chase, M.W.C. [84160] Costa Rica K:SPC-75512.000 No
K:SPC-74174.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2647] Costa Rica K:SPC-27461.021 No
Mason, L.M. [2013] Brazil K:SPC-29254.000 No
Colombia K:SPC-27088.000 No
Dusén, P. [8534] Brazil K000886558 Yes
K:SPC-13269.000 No
Taylor, P. [44] Panama K:SPC-38530.000 No
Taylor, P. [16368] Ecuador K:SPC-41634.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13935.000 No
K:SPC-13723.000 No
K:SPC-13949.000 No
Trinidad and Tobago K:SPC-26580.000 No
K:SPC-10350.000 No
K:SPC-12470.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-06210.000 No
Glaziou [11625] Brazil K000879617 Yes
Philcox, D. [6284] Guyana K:SPC-37471.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-23048.000 No
K:SPC-64765.000 No
K:SPC-13279.000 No
Mason, L.M. [1017] Peru K:SPC-38131.000 No
K:SPC-10366.000 No
K:SPC-73443.000 No
K:SPC-74133.000 No
Dunsterville, G.C.K. [134] Venezuela K:SPC-34248.000 No
Hermans, J.&C. [1209] Brazil K:SPC-58243.000 No
Leppard, M.J. [318] Brazil K:SPC-39188.000 No
Dayton, N.M.; Goercke, B. [2003] Ecuador K:SPC-57141.000 No
K:SPC-12471.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2741] Peru K:SPC-34457.000 No
Smith Brazil K:SPC-34971.000 No
K:SPC-13245.000 No
K:SPC-12433.000 No
K:SPC-13278.000 No
K:SPC-18752.000 No
Mason, L.M. [1716] K:SPC-28369.000 No
Mason, L.M. [9] K:SPC-26420.000 No
[K85] K:SPC-23626.000 No
K:SPC-13234.000 No
Brazil K:SPC-36473.000 No
K:SPC-64695.000 No
K:SPC-13271.000 No
K:SPC-36129.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2239] Costa Rica K:SPC-31796.000 No
K:SPC-13936.000 No
Edwards, P.J. [1179] Guyana K:SPC-42971.000 No
Mason, L.M. [1833] Peru K:SPC-28682.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886100 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886150 Yes
Chase, M.W.C. [84202] Costa Rica K:SPC-77180.000 No
Chase [15801] K:SPC-66256.000 No
Chase [15801] K:SPC-71084.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-12472.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2171] Peru K:SPC-31485.000 No
Sandwith, N.Y. [1282] Guyana K:SPC-08359.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K:SPC-77680.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-12439.000 No
K:SPC-71352.000 No
K:SPC-22225.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-10367.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886099 Yes
Menzies, D. Ecuador K:SPC-55413.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2484] Colombia K:SPC-32704.000 No
O´Brien, J. [s.n.] K000886148 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K:SPC-77996.000 No
United Kingdom K:SPC-14254.000 No
Hajek, F. [43] Peru K:SPC-60179.000 No
Binot, M. [s.n.] Brazil K000886102 Yes
Guyana K:SPC-10363.000 No
Chase [20767] K:SPC-73298.000 No
K:SPC-12447.000 No
Lehmann [H.K.933] K000078915 Yes
Philcox, D. [5019A] Brazil K:SPC-01800.063 No
Ecuador K:SPC-06213.000 No
Taylor, P. [16382] Ecuador K:SPC-41565.000 No
K:SPC-08355.000 No
Smart, J. Guyana K:SPC-08360.000 No
Taylor, P. [13208] Panama K:SPC-41596.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-27096.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886097 Yes
Jenny, R. [22/82] K:SPC-44137.000 No
Adams, B.R. [K 69] Belize K:SPC-42169.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-10370.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [84117] Costa Rica K:SPC-75476.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-12443.000 No
K:SPC-12473.000 No
Hunt, D.R. [6319] Brazil K000886575 Yes
A.D.Conduz [19625] K000970127 No
Leppard, M.J. [1181] Brazil K:SPC-38000.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [84306] Costa Rica K:SPC-75791.000 No
K:SPC-13253.000 No
K:SPC-64743.000 No
K:SPC-26036.000 No
K:SPC-12436.000 No
Brazil K:SPC-12474.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13951.000 No
Mason, L.M. [1722] Peru K:SPC-28529.000 No
K:SPC-73409.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2670] Peru K:SPC-32964.000 No
Brazil K:SPC-13257.000 No
K:SPC-26118.000 No
K:SPC-74284.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000940901 Yes
Mason, L.M. [1726] Peru K:SPC-28531.000 No
K:SPC-13280.000 No
K:SPC-08345.000 No
K:SPC-13240.000 No
K:SPC-32033.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [85003] Costa Rica K:SPC-74762.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-12410.000 No
K:SPC-32707.000 No
K:SPC-13259.000 No
K:SPC-13954.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2756] Colombia K:SPC-27461.017 No
Panama K:SPC-08357.000 No
K:SPC-05724.000 No
Dayton, N.M.; Goercke, B. [2011] Ecuador K:SPC-57196.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-13294.000 No
K:SPC-10360.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2069] Costa Rica K:SPC-30390.000 No
Colmanó, J. [s.n.] K000886095 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Brazil K000886151 Yes
Adams, B.R. [K 69] Belize K:SPC-42175.000 No
Taylor, P. [16370] Ecuador K:SPC-41636.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-05727.000 No
Mason, L.M. [1945] Peru K:SPC-30179.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886112 Yes
K:SPC-25242.000 No
Jenny, R. [VO 144] Costa Rica K:SPC-45294.000 No
Venezuela K:SPC-49513.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-26030.000 No
s.coll. [108] Brazil K000886117 Yes
K:SPC-14430.000 No
Taylor, P. [13216] Panama K:SPC-41607.000 No
St. John Read, V. [236] Martinique K:SPC-50415.000 No
K:SPC-64745.000 No
Kenny Trinidad and Tobago K:SPC-51914.000 No
K:SPC-13235.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2642] Peru K:SPC-32907.000 No
K:SPC-08362.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [84137] Costa Rica K:SPC-75509.000 No
Oakley, H. Costa Rica K:SPC-59873.000 No
Adams, B.R. [K 65] Belize K:SPC-45166.000 No
Taylor, P. [16371] Ecuador K:SPC-41637.000 No
Glaziou, A.F.M. [19881] Brazil K000886147 Yes
Mason, L.M. [2455] Colombia K:SPC-33315.000 No
K:SPC-64749.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886562 Yes
Brazil K:SPC-37967.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2255] Costa Rica K:SPC-31874.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-14255.000 No
Ganev, W. [256] Brazil K000293818 Yes
Chase, M.W.C. [82135] K:SPC-75095.000 No
K:SPC-26039.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] Brazil K000886574 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K000793166 Type Yes
K:SPC-13943.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886113 Yes
Panama K:SPC-13274.000 No
K:SPC-13282.000 No
Glaziou, A.F.M. [20502] Brazil K000886482 Yes
Regnell, A.F. [I426] Brazil K000886557 Yes
K:SPC-13929.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2299] Peru K:SPC-21969.012 No
Guyana K:SPC-10369.000 No
Harley, R.M. [21064] Brazil K:SPC-42824.000 No
Warrington, J. Guyana K:SPC-36713.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886567 Yes
Gardner [648] Brazil K000886556 Yes
Chase, M.W.C. [85023] Costa Rica K:SPC-74763.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-10365.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [83185] Costa Rica K:SPC-75550.000 No
Jenny, R. [VO-99] Costa Rica K:SPC-42645.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886152 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886115 Yes
Mason, L.M. [26] Guyana K:SPC-36136.000 No
K:SPC-12437.000 No
Warren, P. [93/2] Brazil K:SPC-58381.000 No
Laessoe, T.; Sano, P.T. [H50891] Brazil K:SPC-73113.000 No
Jenny, R. [6/34 182] Ecuador K:SPC-39958.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2281] Costa Rica K:SPC-32342.000 No
Bock, I. [2] Colombia K:SPC-42633.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-08356.000 No
K:SPC-08358.000 No
K:SPC-12435.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886565 Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886561 Yes
Ecuador K:SPC-14258.000 No
Taylor, P. [16353] Ecuador K:SPC-41557.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2004] Peru K:SPC-29083.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2147] K:SPC-31986.000 No
Taylor, P. [16352] Ecuador K:SPC-41547.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13273.000 No
Peru K:SPC-26553.000 No
Brazil K:SPC-48099.000 No
Taylor, P. [13207] Panama K:SPC-41597.000 No
Panama K:SPC-12469.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13724.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2620] Colombia K:SPC-32700.000 No
K:SPC-13232.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13953.000 No
K:SPC-12429.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13952.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2712] Costa Rica K:SPC-33154.000 No
Hajek, F. [56] Peru K:SPC-60177.000 No
Hajek, F. [57] Peru K:SPC-60178.000 No
K:SPC-74117.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-12355.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2703] Peru K:SPC-33079.000 No
K:SPC-12475.000 No
Peru K:SPC-29068.000 No
Spruce, R. [5043] Ecuador K000201851 Unknown Type Material Yes
Adams, B.R. [K 64] Belize K:SPC-42262.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886114 Yes
Adams, B.R. [B6] Belize K:SPC-40055.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13290.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2708] Costa Rica K:SPC-33081.000 No
K:SPC-64680.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000886149 Yes
Costa Rica K:SPC-13281.000 No
K:SPC-74167.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-10368.000 No
K:SPC-12438.000 No
Sandwith, N.Y. [606] K:SPC-08363.000 No
K:SPC-31345.000 No
Chase, M.W. [84158] K:SPC-74835.000 No
Leppard, M.J. Brazil K:SPC-36442.000 No
Kenny, J.S. Trinidad and Tobago K:SPC-51009.000 No
Guyana K:SPC-13275.000 No
K:SPC-13938.000 No
K:SPC-12434.000 No
Lehmann [H.K. 940] K000078914 Yes
Jan 1, 1996 Brazil Trigonidium K000586674 Unknown Type Material Yes
Jan 1, 1996 Low [s.n.] Brazil Trigonidium K000586673 Holotype Yes
Jan 1, 1993 Prance, G.T.; Pena, B.S.; Ramos, J.F.; Videcki, E.R., Jr. [2581] Brazil Trigonidium K000886548 Yes
Jan 1, 1988 Teixeira, L.O.A.; Fife, A.J.; McFarland, K.; Mota, C.D.A.; Santos, J.L.; Gomes, S.P.; Nelson, B.W. [777] Brazil Trigonidium K000886547 Yes
Jan 10, 1986 Prance, G.T.; Ramos, J.F. [6892] Brazil Trigonidium K000886551 Yes
Jan 10, 1986 Burchell [9759] Brazil Trigonidium K000886546 Yes
Jan 10, 1986 Maas, P.J.M.; Kubitzki, K.; Steward, W.C.; Ramos, J.F.; Pinheiro, W.S.; Lima, J.F. [P13035] Brazil Trigonidium K000886549 Yes
Jan 10, 1986 Pereira, B. [5106] Brazil Trigonidium K000886550 Yes
Trigonidium K:SPC-13829.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [84286] Costa Rica Trigonidium K:SPC-74729.000 No
Guyana Trigonidium K:SPC-13830.000 No
Dunsterville, G.C.K. [162] Venezuela Trigonidium K:SPC-34869.000 No
Colombia Trigonidium K:SPC-27129.000 No
Jodssens, J.V. Peru Trigonidium K:SPC-40919.000 No
Brazil Trigonidium K:SPC-39131.000 No
Trigonidium K:SPC-13825.000 No
Colombia Trigonidium K:SPC-38741.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [82167] Mexico Trigonidium K:SPC-74705.000 No
Sandwith, N.Y. [1151] Guyana Trigonidium K:SPC-10480.000 No
Nov 1, 2012 Ganev, W. [378] Brazil Mormolyca K000293815 Yes
Adams, B.R. [K 74] Belize Mormolyca K:SPC-42182.000 No
Mormolyca K:SPC-12579.000 No
Mormolyca K:SPC-12578.000 No
Hajek, F. [55] Peru Mormolyca K:SPC-60182.000 No
Mormolyca K:SPC-30786.000 No
Oct 1, 1964 Spruce, R. [6244] Ecuador Ornithidium K000201848 Yes
Mason, L.M. [2210] Costa Rica Ornithidium K:SPC-31569.000 No
Guyana Ornithidium K:SPC-13779.000 No
Guyana Ornithidium K:SPC-13777.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2238] Costa Rica Ornithidium K:SPC-31938.000 No
Ornithidium K:SPC-10378.000 No
Ornithidium K:SPC-13780.000 No
Guyana Ornithidium K:SPC-14363.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2044] Costa Rica Ornithidium K:SPC-30029.000 No
Harley, R.M. [11886] Brazil Ornithidium K:SPC-33819.000 No
Dunsterville [586] Venezuela Ornithidium K:SPC-07642.000 No
Guyana Ornithidium K:SPC-13778.000 No
Ornithidium K:SPC-08391.000 No
Venezuela Ornithidium K:SPC-33912.000 No
Spedan-Lewis, J. Jamaica Ornithidium K:SPC-14362.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2511] Colombia Ornithidium K:SPC-32785.000 No
Jun 1, 2009 Zappi, D. [1142] Brazil Christensonella K000501688 No
May 1, 2009 Sasaki, D. [1847] Brazil Christensonella K000501701 No
May 1, 2009 Sasaki, D. [1512] Brazil Christensonella K000501698 No
Sep 20, 2006 Lehmann [8252] Ecuador Chrysocycnis K000482191 Type Yes
Sep 20, 2006 s.coll. [920] Ecuador Chrysocycnis K000482195 No
Jan 1, 1899 s.coll. [805] Colombia Chrysocycnis K000482344 No
s.coll. [8289] Ecuador Chrysocycnis K000482196 No
Prance, G.T.; Lleras, E.; Steward, W.C.; Ongley, J.C.; Coelho, D.F.; Ramos, J.F.; Lima, J.F. [16805] Brazil Rhetinantha K000941363 Yes
Oct 19, 2006 Britton, N.L.; Rusby, H.H. [636] Bolivia Camaridium K000079362 Type Yes
Spruce, R. [5393] Ecuador Camaridium K000201847 Yes
Dunsterville, G.C.K. Venezuela Cryptocentrum K:SPC-34592.000 No
Dunsterville, G.C.K. Venezuela Cryptocentrum K:SPC-37139.000 No
Taylor, P. [16315] Ecuador Cryptocentrum K:SPC-41524.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2144] Peru Cryptocentrum K:SPC-31479.000 No
Taylor, P. [13239] Panama Cryptocentrum K:SPC-41628.000 No
Chase, M.W.C. [84237] Costa Rica Cryptocentrum K:SPC-77184.000 No
Pseudomaxillaria K:SPC-08399.000 No
Pseudomaxillaria K:SPC-08396.000 No
Mexico Pseudomaxillaria K:SPC-08397.000 No
Pseudomaxillaria K:SPC-08398.000 No


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