Lycaste Lindl.

First published in Edwards's Bot. Reg. 29(Misc.): 14 (1843)
This genus is accepted
The native range of this genus is Mexico to Tropical America.


Native to:

Belize, Bolivia, Brazil North, Brazil West-Central, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Nicaragua, Panamá, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela


Heterotypic Synonyms


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POWO follows these authorities in accepting this name:

  • Govaerts, R. (2003). World Checklist of Monocotyledons Database in ACCESS: 1-71827. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Oakeley, H.F. (2007). A new infrageneric classification of Lycaste (Lindl.) and a checklist of species for the genus Lycaste. Orchid Digest 71: 196-208.
  • Oakeley, H.F. (2008). Lycaste, Ida and Anguloa. The essential guide: 1-445. Published by the author.
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Other Data

Other Kew resources that provide information on this taxon:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status Has image?
Jan 10, 2003 s.coll. [s.n.] Ecuador K:SPC-71024.000 No
Oct 1, 1991 Hooker, J.D. [s.n.] K000062150 Type Yes
Oct 1, 1991 s.coll. [s.n.] K000062151 Unknown Type Material Yes
Oct 1, 1991 Reichenbach, H.G. [s.n.] Costa Rica K000078352 Unknown Type Material Yes
Oct 1, 1991 Reichenbach, H.G. [s.n.] K000062149 Unknown Type Material Yes
K:SPC-14340.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-56048.000 No
Lehmann [H.K.711] Colombia K000078973 Yes
Oakeley, H. [s.n.] K:SPC-56229.000 No
K000588973 Unknown Type Material Yes
K000588972 Unknown Type Material Yes
K:SPC-26116.000 No
Adams, B.R. [257] Belize K:SPC-43886.000 No
Oakeley, H. K:SPC-57309.000 No
Oakeley K:SPC-56101.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. [LA1175] K:SPC-78639.000 No
Peru K000588974 Unknown Type Material Yes
Guatemala K:SPC-56091.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. Costa Rica K:SPC-57388.000 No
K:SPC-12571.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. [LA1020] K:SPC-67308.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. [LA1055] K:SPC-78940.025 No
Oakeley, H.F. [LA1098] K:SPC-67378.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. [s.n.] Costa Rica K000396282 Type Yes
Hodgson, I. [251] Ecuador K:SPC-51811.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-56047.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-56044.000 No
Ecuador K:SPC-65015.000 No
K:SPC-56224.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. [LA1018] K:SPC-77878.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. [LA1019] K:SPC-77879.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. [LA1037] K:SPC-67312.000 No
K:SPC-13302.000 No
Oakeley, H. [s.n.] K:SPC-56103.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] El Salvador K000396308 Type Yes
Honduras K:SPC-71155.000 No
K:SPC-13301.000 No
Peru K:SPC-48469.000 No
Ecuador K:SPC-64032.000 No
Costa Rica K:SPC-63702.000 No
Oakeley, H. [HFO A:3/4] Costa Rica K:SPC-57243.000 No
Peru K000588975 Unknown Type Material Yes
United Kingdom K:SPC-26381.000 No
Hodgson, I.G. [250] Ecuador K:SPC-51799.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. K:SPC-57518.000 No
Guatemala K:SPC-56210.000 No
Mason, L.M. [2064] Peru K:SPC-30660.000 No
Oakeley, H. [HFO A:69] K:SPC-57245.000 No
K:SPC-25975.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000396306 Type Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] Costa Rica K:SPC-56046.000 No
[B.] K:SPC-28629.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K000396284 Type Yes
K:SPC-27788.000 No
Oakeley, H.F. Costa Rica K:SPC-60562.000 No
K:SPC-63697.000 No
K:SPC-65011.000 No
Ecuador K:SPC-64033.000 No
K:SPC-65016.000 No
K:SPC-41146.000 No
K000588977 Unknown Type Material Yes
s.coll. [s.n.] K000396257 Type Yes
K:SPC-64433.000 No
Peru K000588976 Unknown Type Material Yes
Kennteaw, W. [s.n.] Peru K000396307 Type Yes
Oakeley, H. K:SPC-57308.000 No
K:SPC-70875.000 No
s.coll. [s.n.] K:SPC-76722.000 No
Oakeley, H. [HFO A:13] Guatemala K:SPC-57534.000 No
K:SPC-12566.000 No
K:SPC-14217.000 No
Young, E.E. [9] K:SPC-07203.000 No


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