Compilers & Reviewers

The editors of WCSP would first like to thank the users for the more than 1000 emails of feedback they send each year. These help greatly to correct the many mistakes and reassess taxonomy by questioning expert decisions.

The compilers listed below are the people who compiled the provisional checklist from available literature and some herbarium consultation. This document is then peer reviewed.

The family reviewers are listed below in order of when they reviewed the families with the most recent first. The information in brackets is as follows: (institute or place of residence, year of first contribution or review, specific taxonomic group or geographical region reviewed).

We would also like to acknowledge our regional reviewers; Pablo Bermudez (Peru) & Domenico Lucarini (Italy).

Key to status abbreviations & family reviewers

R = review completed.
RH = review completed and hard copy published.
UR = under review (partially reviewed).
NR = not yet reviewed.
LR = recently reviewed in the literature.
GR = part of a geographical review.
Family Status Compiler(s) Reviewer(s)
Acoraceae RH R. Govaerts
Aextoxicaceae LR R. Govaerts
Akaniaceae LR R. Govaerts
Alismataceae UR R. Govaerts
Amaryllidaceae R R. Govaerts (K, 2005) S.Kington (RHS, 2007, Narcissus), N.Friesen (OSN, 2007, Allium subgen.Rhizirideum), R.Fritsch (2006, Allium), D.A.Snijman (NBG, 2006), R.Marcucci (PAD, 2006), P.A.Silverstone-Sopkin (CUVC, 2006, Colombia), S.Brullo (CAT, 2005, Allium)
Alstroemeriaceae R R. Govaerts (K, 2005) A.Hofreiter (2006)
Alzateaceae GR R. Govaerts
Amborellaceae GR R. Govaerts
Ancistrocladaceae GR R. Govaerts (K, 2006) M.Cheek (K, 2007)
Apocynaceae R R. Govaerts D.Goyder (Kew, 2016), A.Leeuwenberg (Wageningen, 1999)
Aponogetonaceae UR R. Govaerts
Araceae RH R. Govaerts J.Bogner (Munich, 2002), J.Boos (2002), P.Boyce (K, 2002), B.Cosgriff (St Luis, 2002), T.Croat (St Luis, 2002), E.Gon?alves (S?o Paulo, 2002), M.Grayum (St Luis, 2002), A.Hay (Sydney, 2002), W.Hetterscheid (Hilversum, 2002), S.Ittenbach (2002), E.Landolt (Z?rich, 2002), S.Mayo (K, 2002), J.Murata (Tokyo, 2002), V.D.Nguyen (Hanoi, 2002), C.M.Sakuragui (Maringa, 2002), Y.Singh
(Pittsburgh, 2002), S.Thompson
(Pittsburgh, 2002), G.Zhu (St Luis, 2002).
Araliaceae RH R. Govaerts H.-J.Esser (M, 2003), D.G.Frodin (K, 2003), P.P.Lowry (2003), J.Wen (US, 2003)
Araucariaceae LR R. Govaerts A.Farjon (K, 1998)
Aralidiaceae GR R. Govaerts
Arecaceae RH R. Govaerts J.Dransfield (K, 2003), S.Zona (FTG, 2004), D.R.Hodel (2004), A.Henderson (NY)
Asparagaceae R R. Govaerts B.J.M.Zonneveld (2007, Hosta), S.A.Zona (FTG, 2006)
Asphodelaceae R R. Govaerts L.Newton (Nairobi, 2006, Aloe)
Asteliaceae UR R. Govaerts
Asteropeiaceae GR R. Govaerts
Aucubaceae LR R. Govaerts
Austrobaileyaceae LR R. Govaerts
Avicenniaceae NR R. Govaerts
Balanopaceae GR R. Govaerts
Barbeuiaceae GR R. Govaerts
Barbeyaceae GR R. Govaerts
Basellaceae R R. Govaerts R.Eriksson (GB, 2007)
Bataceae GR R. Govaerts
Begoniaceae R R. Govaerts M.J.S.Sands (K, 2003)
Betulaceae RH R. Govaerts W.Bopp (1998)
Bignoniaceae R C. Ulloa & R. Govaerts L.G. Lohmann (SPF, 2006
Bixaceae NR R. Govaerts
Blandfordiaceae UR R. Govaerts
Boraginaceae UR R. Govaerts José Iranildo Miranda de Melo (Universidade Estadual da Paraíba , 2019)
Boryaceae UR R. Govaerts
Bretschneideraceae LR R. Govaerts
Bromeliaceae R R. Govaerts H.E.Luther (SEL, 2005), J.Grant (NEU, 2005)
Brunelliaceae GR R. Govaerts
Burmanniaceae RH R. Govaerts R.M.K.Saunders (HKU, 2005), H.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005), P.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005), D.X.Zhang (IBSL, 2005)
Butomaceae UR R. Govaerts
Byblidaceae LR R. Govaerts
Cabombaceae NR R. Govaerts
Callitrichaceae NR R. Govaerts
Calycanthaceae NR R. Govaerts
Campanulaceae R R. Govaerts T.G.Lammers (OSH, 2006)
Campynemataceae UR R. Govaerts
Canellaceae UR R. Govaerts
Cannaceae UR R. Govaerts H.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005), P.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005), N.Tanaka (2000)
Cardiopteridaceae GR R. Govaerts
Caryocaraceae GR R. Govaerts
Casuarinaceae UR R. Govaerts
Centroplacaceae RH R. Govaerts
Cephalotaceae GR R. Govaerts
Ceratophyllaceae R R. Govaerts M.Thomas (K, 2002)
Cercidiphyllaceae GR R. Govaerts
Chrysobalanaceae R R. Govaerts G.T.Prance & C.A.Sothers (K, 2003)
Circaeasteraceae GR R. Govaerts
Clethraceae NR R. Govaerts
Cochlospermaceae NR R. Govaerts
Colchicaceae R R. Govaerts K.Persson (GB, 2007)
Columelliaceae GR R. Govaerts
Commelinaceae R R. Govaerts R.Faden (Washington, Dec.2004)
Conifers R R. Govaerts A.Farjon (Kew, 2010)
Coriariaceae GR R. Govaerts
Cornaceae UR R. Govaerts
Corsiaceae LR R. Govaerts
Corynocarpaceae GR R. Govaerts
Costaceae R R. Govaerts H.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005), P.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005)
Crypteroniaceae GR R. Govaerts
Ctenolophonaceae GR R. Govaerts
Cupressaceae RH R. Govaerts A.Farjon (K, 2010)
Cyclanthaceae R R. Govaerts R.Eriksson (GB, 2006)
Curtisiaceae GR R. Govaerts
Cycadaceae R R. Govaerts K.D.Hill (NSW, 1999)
Cymodoceaceae UR R. Govaerts
Cynomoriaceae GR R. Govaerts
Cyperaceae RH R. Govaerts P. Jimenez-Mejias (2015, Carex), J.Koopman (Poland, 2008, Carex), D.Simpson (K, 2004), P.Goetghebeur (Gent, 2005), K.Wilson (NSW, 2005), T.Egorova (LE, 2005), J.Bruhl (NE)
Daphniphyllaceae NR R. Govaerts
Dasypogonaceae GR R. Govaerts
Degeneriaceae GR R. Govaerts
Didiereaceae NR R. Govaerts
Didymelaceae GR R. Govaerts
Dipentodontaceae GR R. Govaerts
Dioscoreaceae RH R. Govaerts P.Wilkin (K, 2005), L.Raz (COL, 2006), O.Téllez-Valdés (MEXU, 2006)
Dipentodontaceae GR R. Govaerts
Doryanthaceae UR R. Govaerts
Droseraceae R R. Govaerts M.Cheek (K, 2001)
Drosophyllaceae R R. Govaerts M.Cheek (K, 2001)
Ebenaceae UR R. Govaerts
Ecdeiocoleaceae GR R. Govaerts
Ephedraceae NR R. Govaerts
Eriocaulaceae NR R. Govaerts
Euphorbiaceae RH R. Govaerts F.J.Fern?ndez Casas (MA, 2007, Cnidoscolus), C.Barker (K, 2000), S.Carter (K, 2000, Euphorbia), S.Davies (2000), H.-J.Esser (2000), M.Gilbert (2000), P.Hoffmann (K, 2000), A.Radcliffe-Smith (K, 2000), V.Steinmann (IEB, 2000), P.van Welzen (2000), T.Whitmoore (2000)
Eupomatiaceae NR R. Govaerts
Fagaceae RH R. Govaerts S.Andrews (1998), A.Coombes (1998), M.Gilbert (London, 1998, China), D.Hunt (1998), K.Nixon (1998, America), M.Thomas (1998)
Flagellariaceae GR R. Govaerts
Garryaceae GR R. Govaerts
Ginkgoaceae LR R. Govaerts
Gnetaceae NR R. Govaerts
Gomortegaceae NR R. Govaerts
Gunneraceae NR R. Govaerts
Haemodoraceae R R. Govaerts H.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005), P.J.M.Maas (U, 2005)
Hanguanaceae GR R. Govaerts
Heliconiaceae R R. Govaerts J.Kress (US, Dec.2004)
Helwingiaceae NR R. Govaerts
Himantandraceae NR R. Govaerts
Hydatellaceae GR R. Govaerts
Hypoxidaceae UR R. Govaerts
Iridaceae UR C. Barker
Irvingiaceae NR R. Govaerts
Ixioliriaceae UR R. Govaerts
Joinvilleaceae GR R. Govaerts
Juncaceae (provided by I.O.P.I.) R R. Govaerts
Juncaginaceae UR R. Govaerts
Lamiaceae NR R. Govaerts A.Paton (K, 2005), Y.Harvey (Leonotis;K, 2002), T.Navarro (C.S.I.C.Almer?a, 1999), M.del Rosario Garc?a Pe?a (Salvia, Cunila, MEXU, 2007)
Lanariaceae UR R. Govaerts
Lecythidaceae R M. Tulig & R. Govaerts S. Mori (NY, 2006)
Liliaceae UR R. Govaerts
Limnocharitaceae UR R. Govaerts
Lowiaceae GR R. Govaerts
Luzuriagaceae UR R. Govaerts
Magnoliaceae RH R. Govaerts R.Figlar (2006), H.Nooteboom (1996), S.Spongberg (1996)
Marantaceae R R. Govaerts H.Kennedy (UBC, 2004)
Maundiaceae R R. Govaerts
Mayacaceae R R. Govaerts J.C.Jaszczerski (HUCP, 2005)
Melanthiaceae UR R. Govaerts
Musaceae R R. Govaerts H?kkinen (2006)
Myrtaceae RH R. Govaerts M.Sobral (BHCB, 2005), P.Ashton (A, 2005), F.Barrie (US, 2005), B.K.Holst (SELBY, 2005), L.L.Landrum (ASU, 2005), K.Matsumoto (KAMPINAS, 2005), F.Fernanda Mazine (ESA), E.Nic Lughadha (K, 2005), C.Proenca (UB, 2005), L.H.Soares-Silva (UB, 2005), P.G.Wilson (Sydney, 2005), E.Lucas (K, 2005)
Nartheciaceae UR R. Govaerts
Nothofagaceae RH R. Govaerts
Nyssaceae R R. Govaerts
Oleaceae R R. Govaerts P.S.Green (K, 2006)
Opiliaceae NR R. Govaerts
Orchidaceae R R. Govaerts P.Bernet (R?union, 2010), K. Kratochvil (Czech Rep., 2009), G. Gerlach (M, 2009), G. Carr (2009, Catasetum), P. Alrich (2009), A.M.Pridgeon(U.K., 2008), J.Pfahl (Florida, 2006), M.A.Campacci (Brazil, 2005), D.Holland Baptista (Brazil, 2005), H.Tigges (Germany, 2005), J.Shaw (RHS, 2005), P.Cribb (K, 2003), Alex George (K, 2003), K.Kreuz (2004, Europe), J.Wood (K, 2003, Europe).
Pandaceae RH R. Govaerts A.Radcliffe-Smith (K, 2000)
Pandanaceae UR R. Govaerts
Paracryphiaceae NR R. Govaerts
Petrosaviaceae R R. Govaerts A.Radcliffe-Smith (K, 2000)
Philesiaceae UR R. Govaerts
Philydraceae GR R. Govaerts
Phrymaceae GR R. Govaerts
Phyllanthaceae RH R. Govaerts
Physenaceae R C. Ulloa P.Phillipson (MO, 2006)
Picrodendraceae RH R. Govaerts
Pinaceae RH R. Govaerts A. Farjon (K, 2010)
Poaceae UR W.D. Clayton, R. Govaerts, K.T. Harman, H. Williamson & M. Vorontsova
Podocarpaceae RH R. Govaerts A. Farjon (K, 2010)
Pontederiaceae GR R. Govaerts
Posidoniaceae UR R. Govaerts
Potamogetonaceae (incomplete) NR R. Govaerts
Putranjivaceae RH R. Govaerts
Rapateaceae R R. Govaerts P.E.Berry (WIS, 2005)
Restionaceae R R. Govaerts B.G.Briggs (NSW, 2005), P. Linder (Z, 2005)
Ripogonaceae UR R. Govaerts
Rubiaceae R R. Govaerts M.Ruhsam (K, 2005), L.Andersson (2000), E.Robbrecht (Meise, 2000), D.Bridson (K, 2000), A.Davis (K, 2002, Madagascar), I.Schanzer (2003), B.Sonk? (YA, 2005)
Ruppiaceae UR R. Govaerts
Sapotaceae RH R. Govaerts Y.Harvey (K, 2001, Omphalocarpum), L.Jessup (2001, Australia), T.D.Pennington (K, 2001), W.Vink (Leiden, 2001) For more information on the family and especially specimen information, please visit the Sapotaceae Resource Centre.
Sarcolaenaceae R C. Ulloa C.Hong-Wa (MO, 2006), P.Phillipson (MO, 2006)
Saururaceae NR R. Govaerts
Scheuchzeriaceae UR R. Govaerts
Schisandraceae NR R. Govaerts
Schlegeliaceae R R. Govaerts K.A.Barringer (BKL, 2006)
Sciadopityaceae RH R. Govaerts A. Farjon (K, 2010)
Smilacaceae UR R. Govaerts
Sphaerosepalaceae R C. Ulloa P.Phillipson (MO, 2006)
Stemonaceae UR R. Govaerts
Stilbaceae GR R. Govaerts
Strelitziaceae GR R. Govaerts
Taxaceae RH R. Govaerts A. Farjon (K, 2010)
Tecophilaeaceae UR R. Govaerts
Tetrachondraceae GR R. Govaerts
Thurniaceae NR R. Govaerts
Ticodendraceae RH R. Govaerts
Tofieldiaceae RH R. Govaerts
Triuridaceae R R. Govaerts H.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005), P.Maas-van de Kamer (U, 2005)
Typhaceae GR R. Govaerts
Velloziaceae UR R. Govaerts
Verbenaceae R R. Govaerts S.Atkins (K, 2000)
Welwitschiaceae LR R. Govaerts
Xeronemataceae UR R. Govaerts
Xyridaceae R R. Govaerts J.M.Lock (K, 2005, Africa)
Zamiaceae R R. Govaerts K.D.Hill (NSW, 1999)
Zingiberaceae R R. Govaerts M.Newman (E, 2007), J.M.Lock (K, 2005, Aframomum).
Zosteraceae UR R. Govaerts